Джим Стерлинг про пиратство

Pirate girl and Medusa

Всенародно любимый тролль Джим Стерлинг пишет правильные буквы про пиратство на Деструктоиде. Почитайте, пока Круизис 2 качается из торрентов:

There’s that old story about three people on a camping trip. They get lost, their food supply is dwindling. One camper decided it’ll hurt nobody if he helps himself to a little extra. The second camper thinks the same. Likewise for the third. They end up with no food left because their individual acts of petty theft combined to create one large dent in the supply. The story has many variations, but the message is the same, and it is the perfect way of describing piracy. An individual pirate is not a bad thing. In fact, some groups argue that a little piracy is helpful to the market, thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations and simple free advertising. However, when those little grasping hands combine to form great big talons that are ripping huge chunks out of a videogame’s potential for success, we have a problem.