Большое интервью про Duke Nukem Forever

С Джорджем Бруссаром, Рэнди Пичфордом и Брайаном Мартелем. Длинное, интересное.

There’s got to be a lot of pressure there, then. You have quite the legacy to live up to, and if you don’t, the entire Penny Arcade Expo will probably hunt you down. Has that pressure gotten to you at all?

Yes and no. On the one hand, of course we’re all like “I hope that everybody is going to like what we’re delivering.” But at the same time, the game is reaching a level where it’s different from the kinds of games that we’re seeing. It’s whacky, it’s irreverent, it’s got that sort of tone to it. It’s all these different things that come together in a way that’s unique. So given that, it needs to be out there in the world. So for us, that’s sort of the fundamental driving thing: we want to get this out in people’s hands as soon as possible, deliver it to as many people as we can, and hopefully, they’ll all love it the way we do.