Про смерть PC-гейминга

Подборка статей за девять лет про смерть PC-гейминга. Читайте, радуйтесь. Холивор еще можно организовать.

Is PC Gaming Dying? [IGN, 2001]
Is PC gaming in trouble? Thoughts please [Ars Technica. 2003]
Is DOS Gaming Dead? [Monster Hardware, 2004]
Death of the PC? [CVG, 2006]
The Loop: Is PC Gaming Dead? [Attack of the Show, 2006]
PC Gaming is Dead [Videogamer.com, 2007]
‘Gears of War’ Creator Update: Slams ‘Insular’ Game Developers, Puts Consoles As Epic’s Priority #1, Confronts Consequences Of Loving ‘Zack & Wiki’ [MTV Multiplayer, 2008]
Epic’s Mark And CliffyB Explains What PC Gaming Alliance Means For Gamers — ‘Disarray’ Dismissed [MTV Multiplayer]
Is PC Gaming Dying? Or Thriving? [MSNBC, 2008]
Valve Interview Part 1: Doug Lombardi on PC Gaming [Shacknews, 2008]
The Life Support [The Oakstout, 2009]

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