Питер Молинье про Kinect и игры в целом

gg_Peter Molyneux

На Joystiq интересное интервью с Питером Молинье, в котором он ничего не обещает, зато извиняется за свои предыдущие рассказы про золотые горы. Советую почитать то, что он говорит про разработку игр и казуальную аудиторию:

God, the way we develop games has to change. It’s always had to change. Now, if you look at the big shift — there’s this huge panic that’s happening in the computer games industry at the moment. I think the industry is feeling that what defines us is slipping through our fingers. Is what defines the computer games industry more to do with social and mobile and Facebook and iPads and iPhones and iTouches? Or is it to do with Call of Duty 3s and Call of Duty 4s and the huge sequels? There’s a gulf in between and we need to resolve this. Because these consumers are over here — these casual consumers — they’re starting to get a bit bored, because we keep on supplying experiences which I have seen that are very similar to casual experiences we gave casual gamers in the 1980s. And these people here are just demanding so much more and more quality — every holiday season we just raise the bar a little more. And the real secret here is to change how we make games. Definitely. The whole production process.

Это, кстати, к вопросу про то, почему три с половиной геймплея в казуалках и два с половиной в социалках – это недостаточно.