Про id и Rage

Долго думал, почему Rage вызывает у меня только зевоту – это же игра от id! Вот хорошая статья на эту тему:

Rage simply feels like it’s aping other successful games. id Software is feverishly incorporating every feature from hit games that its developers play during their off-hours. We notice the premise that seems unabashedly cribbed from Fallout, the leaky pipes and water shaders that somehow don’t look as good as Bioshock’s, electrocuting mutants in the water like Bioshock, the World of Warcraft inspired engineering plans and quests, the Halo-derivative recharging health, the HUD that bloodies when a player takes damage exactly like Gears of War, the Grand Theft Auto style open world with vehicles. Rage is doing little to distinguish itself.

Там дальше подробнее про то, как id докатилась до жизни такой.

via Sergey Titov.