Китайские коммунистические игры

Я вообще все еще в отпуске и все еще на морьке, но мимо такого пройти не могу. На RPS интересная заметка о китайских играх. В Китае, напомню, победила азиатская бизнес-модель: “игра бесплатно, внутриигровые плюшки за деньги”. Но там не столько про онлайн, сколько про законодательство и цензуру. И про китайскую борьбу с пиратством:

My personal suspicion is that one of the true purposes of China net-controlling “Green Dam Project” is to try and curb piracy. The delayed project will eventually see all new PCs sold in China come with pre-installed filtering software. To state the obvious: this will simply make it easier for the Chinese authorities to spy on all aspects of people’s lives, the games they play and what they are doing in these games. If this to do with trying to make China a more attractive market for Western businesses, it could also be seen as the ultimate DRM. You think your issues with DRM are bad? Imagine if your PCs came with it pre-installed. And imagine how vindicated the exponents of DRM would start to feel.

Красота, не? Старфорс сейчас небось плачет от зависти.