Игромир 2008 и западная пресса

Внезапно западные журналисты, тысячи их!

Так что когда на следующий “Игромир” приедет множество западной прессы, товарищи из DTF будут знать, кого благодарить за пиар.

Russia just had Igromir 2008, which is its version of E3, more or less, and reader Innes noticed some fine photojournalism coming out of that.

Now, if E3 is reconsidering its toned-down, library-quiet, de-sexed version of this year’s convention, might I suggest hiring some of these booth representatives from the former Soviet bloc. Holy Bolshevik. Thank God they’re holding controllers, otherwise one would think this was the Bada Bing. But I’m sure there were huge developments and reveals and news out of this thing, and I think we should start covering it pronto.