Diablo III: Blizzard vs фанаты

Помните эти скриншоты Diablo III, дорисованные фанатами? MTV показало их Джею  Вилсону, дизайнеру Diablo III. И он не впечатлен. Совсем не впечатлен. Что-то не реализуемо технически, что-то превращает игру в пиксель-хантинг, что-то просто не соответствует стилю.

Мол изначально Diablo III была очень темная, как себе ее представляют в своих влажных снах фанбои. Но потом оказалось, что играть в мрачную и черную Дьяблу совсем не весело:

Because this is how we remember what “Diablo II” was like as well. This is what we were thinking what “Diablo II” looks like. And then we played through, and we were like this isn’t very fun. And then we started going, “Why was ‘Diablo II’ so much more fun?” And some of the Blizzard North guys [the team that made ‘Diablo I’ and ‘II’] knew why right away. They were like, “Well, because we didn’t make all the areas like this.” And if you think about even the areas they did, the creatures were really bright. Like in the gray and dark dungeons, those are the places that you run into the ghosts who were almost like glowing brightness, and that was so that they would stand out from the backgrounds.

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