Про E3

Впервые наверное в жизни абсолютно согласен с автором статьи об играх из Playboy. Все, что вам нужно знать о E3 от Скотта Александра (что из них имя, а что фамилия, я не знаю).

At the old, crazy E3 I saw grown men wait on three-hour lines to see games that have to do with cute blue hedgehogs. This was disturbing. And journalistically, the old E3 was the end of days. It was the place where productivity went to die, an arena where spectacle trumped content and everyone played to the lowest common denominator. At this year’s show, Sony was demoing a game called Flower. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen done with software. One of its creators described it to me as a “poem in game form.” It contains no guns, swords or Japanese people wearing superfluous buckles, and Sony made the courageous decision to back it anyway. Would you like to know what happens to a game like Flower at the old E3? It crawls into a corner and sobs until the pain stops because someone has curb-stomped it.

Кстати, товарищ отлично пишет.