О вреде пиратства

Страшный текст о вреде пиратства на мегапафосном сайте piracyisacrime.com отлично справляется со своей задачей.

The value of the black market in pirate DVDs in the UK is estimated at between ?400 million and ?500 million in 2003 and is expected to exceed ?1 billion within three years.

According to a 2003 Interpol report on ‘The Links Between Intellectual Property Crime and Terrorist Financing’, “trafficking in counterfeit goods is a relatively easy criminal activity. A terrorist could make profit solely from the sale of counterfeit or pirated goods and does not need to be involved in the actual production or fabrication. Thus, there are relatively low entry costs and the illicit profit margins are high.

One estimate is that the profits from counterfeiting are similar to drugs trafficking; there is a return of 10 Euros for each 1 Euro invested. Other estimates are that counterfeiting is more profitable than drugs trafficking, one kilo of pirated discs is worth more than one kilo of cannabis resin.

После прочтения этой статьи я понял – фигней я страдаю, надо срочно продавать пиратские диски!

Такое ощущение, что текст писали сами пираты, как рекламу о вреде курения пишут табачные компании.

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